About the photo

I am usually known for photographing people and I guess photographing Jesus was no exception.  The abandoned church on Bokor Hill dates back to the 1920’s.  Its an incredible reminder of Cambodia’s colonial past. Whilst the church lays empty, it is visited frequently by coach loads of excited tourists. However, on this occasion and with my close friend Deborah, we were lucky to have Jesus to ourselves. The moment was surreal. We instinctively spoke in hushed tones, both of us clearly caught up in the moment. Mist and soft light entered through two large windows. Khymer graffitti on the walls reminds us of our location, two cultures meeting under one roof. I had never focussed so hard on photographing an inanimate object like this, after all, this was in reality just a plastic statue with a missing arm and a huge hole in its chest, a bunch of plastic flowers bursting from the wound.  Despite this, he (Jesus), seemed completely beautiful to us.  I had to convey this feeling that Deborah and I shared together with just one image. 

I have since heard that Jesus was removed from the church the following day, seems our time with him was meant to be.